ShopMart Hut is a company that bills itself as “your local adviser for all the best shopping deals here in Arvada.” The name, of course, is very unusual, and it is something that everyone is always asking about. “Where on earth did you get such a name?” they ask. And we tell them the simple truth: we tell them that ShopMart started out as nothing more than a small kiosk under a canvas, rain-repelling “hut” in the parking lot of the 80th and Wadsworth shopping center. The idea behind our company, which we launched back in 1992 before the internet came in and changed the whole world, was to give shoppers the latest information on the very best deals in town, and the people at King Soopers, the major tenant there at 80th and Wadsworth, were kind enough to give us a place to put up our kiosk under a rain hut. And since then, as everyone knows, we have grown to become the strongest, and loudest, internet-based marketing voice in all of Arvada.